American Legion Post 26 of Hearts Game Rules

Games starts with 54 cards (including the jokers) Placed in envelopes numbered 1 to 54. The Q of H card rack is locked at all times except when the game is being played.

Tickets are $1.00 each or 6 for $5.00 & sold Monday thru Sunday, All day.

Print your name on your purchased tickets. Only 1 name per ticket is allowed.

Only 1 ticket will be drawn each time. If a ticket is pulled without a name or with two (or more) names on it, or the ticket is bent, a new ticket will be drawn.

If the person whose name is drawn is present, he/she will select the envelope number. If that person is not present, his or her delegate representative will select the envelope number. Envelope number can be written on the ticket by the person named on the ticket at the time of purchase. If no delegate has been identified, or if a Queen of Hearts committee member’s ticket is drawn, a randomly chosen person will select the envelope number.

Drawings will be held every Tuesday night just after sales close at 7 PM upon verification of funds from sales of that week.

The starting amount for each game is $1,000.00.




EXAMPLE: [$4,000=$1,000-$600 PAYOUT = $2400


ANY ACE - $125.00

ANY JOKER* - $175.00


* Jokers can be treated a wild card and another card can be drawn. The payout will be for the new card

End of raffle [ Queen of Hearts drawn] are decreased by $1000.00 +15% to be used to start the next raffle

Example: $4,000.00 pot will be reduced by $1600.00 so the winner will end up with $2,400.00.

All tickets will be discarded after each drawing. Tickets for the next drawing will go on sale following each Tuesday night draw.

Rules are subject to change by the Q of H rules committee.

Any rules or payout changes will be made between games only.

All winners of $500 or more will receive a W-2G. Winners of $5000 or more will receive a W-2G & 25-28% Tax will be withheld.

When a pay card (A Q & Joker) is drawn and the pot is over $2,000.00 the Post retains 20%.

Only card carrying American Legion members, spouses, and widow/widowers may purchase tickets. To claim prize, you must show a paid-up membership card.

All chosen cards will be displayed until the Queen of Hearts is drawn.

If the Queen of Hearts is not drawn, the winner will be paid following the chart below, the remaining pot will continue to the next drawing

When the Queen of Hearts is drawn, when the Payout is less $500.00 15% going to the post to start the next game. The remaining 85% goes to the winner. If the winner of the Queen of Hearts card is not present, they will receive 50% not 85.

These rules are effective 12-15-2017